Zharkent, Oz. “Stump”

The City has a unique Zharkent Pagoda, built in the late nineteenth century, and more specifically 1887-1892 year on public money collected by the merchant Yuldashev. The building of the mosque outside belted a gallery open-supported by 122 columns. The roof structure consists of a number of elements of blocks and special brackets so-called “pre-school” and “Gong”, creates the illusion of “floating roof”. Eaves are richly decorated with carved boards with bright polychrome COLOUR, all wood cuttings way connections made without the use of nails. Recently it has been carried out restoration, and she appeared in front of people in all its glory. The length of the mosque 54.5 meters, width 29 meters height of the tower – a pagoda 22 meters.

In the vicinity Zharkent near Charyn village is one of the most interesting lakes of our region .tak called “stump” Why such a name? Nobody really knows, it stretches among the dunes. The lake water is clear, fresh, bathe in it a pleasure.