Tamgaly – Tas

Combining informative and active rest will be an opportunity for tourists visiting one of the districts on the Ili River. The Ili River flows west from China and flows into Lake Balkhash in the northwest. Along the water flow, about 20 km below the reservoir, there are rock carvings of Tamgaly Tas.

This site is located 120 km from Almaty on the road to Bakanas. Here you can see cave drawings with Buddhist themes, which will be of special interest to history buffs, and that is so unusual for our region.

In the famous tract of Tamgaly-Tas on a huge rock carved images of Buddha. In the people this place is known as the Writed Rocks. The legend says that one of the Buddhist missions moved deeper into the Semiregary in the 16th century. When they stopped on the Ili bank, an earthquake occurred and a huge piece of rock fell to the ground.

The Buddhist servants perceived this as a sign that they should return to India. On the breakaway slice of the rock, they carved three images of the Buddha. Several other images of this God can be found on the adjacent rocks. The place is popular among climbers.