Tuzkol (view of Khan-Tengri)-Canyon Charyn-Canyon Timirlik

Three-day Trip 3

Another suggestion for a three-day trip. We start the first day with the ride to Charyn Canyon where you can admire its beautiful panorama. Then we take a tourist route along the bottom of the canyon. Lunch by the Charyn River. Then you drive to the Little Canyon which is at the intersection of Timirlik Canyon and Charyn Canyon. Night in the Timirlik canyon by the river. Trekking to the canyon and a bonfire in the evening.

Day two: Transfer to Lake Tuzkol (translated literally as «salt lake») which is located 2000 meters above sea level near the Chinese border. The place is beautiful, untouched by civilization, with a view of the Khan-Tengri peak, over 7,000 meters above sea level. This landscape is very similar to the country of Mongolia. Everyone wants to stay there longer. Night in tents at the lake.

The third day starts with breakfast and a trek along the lake. In the afternoon hours, we set out on our way back to the city. (In bad weather it’s very hard to get a good view of Khan-Tengri, so we can change the route at any time, there are many options along the way).