Gates Tuyuk-Su

Typically, athletes and tourists end their trips at the Almaty Small natural boundary Chimbulak gorge. For a strong and healthy people from the camp site Chimbulak laid right at the south-west and then straight up the gorge to the south of asphalt and then dirt road through Glacier weather station Mynzhilki Tuyuksu.

Above Chimbulak the road gets even steeper, per kilometer ascent is about 150-200 m. Initially, spruce forests are found around the rock and juniper with stunted trees. At an altitude of 2700-2800 meters fir woodlands are replaced by a band of creeping juniper bushes. However, unlike other places the Trans-Ili Alatau, it is very narrow (the width of the belt just 50-100 m).

For spruce and juniper belt usually go alpine meadows. But in the valley and on the slopes of the Small Almaty gorge there are almost none. Around the rocks, scree, moraines – Ice typical Alpine landscape. Finally after five kilometers of rise among steep cliffs, talus, the rocky road climbs to a height of 3036 m to the well-known high-altitude weather stations Mynzhilki.

There is always cold. The average annual air reduce the heat minus 2.4 degrees, the average July 6 degrees, the maximum minus 40 degrees.