Chimbulak (copper)

Two kilometers above Medeo, Chimbulak ski resort is located. On the west side of the dam in the Medeo, beautiful views of the plateau where you can see the hotel structure and chair lifts Chimbulaka support. The picturesque and very well-maintained road will lead you to it. For local and visiting skiers – created a modern sports center. Downhill skiing track, length 1500 m, starting from the saddle of Talgar Pass, from the height of 3200 m above sea level, where skiers deliver three high-speed chair lifts.

On the qualities are not inferior to the best slopes in Europe. Snow lies on the slopes from December to April. The angle of slope – 10-30 ?. Five-story hotel built in alpine style, can seat 250 people. There is a cafe, bowling, sauna, training center. Next to the hotel complex, convenient parking. Holidaymakers enough in the summer, because the hotel and the lifts operate all year round! Very near the towering peaks and sparkling glaciers. The nearest – Bogdanovich glacier you can walk on foot from the saddle of Talgar pass within an hour.