Turgen waterfalls

The waterfalls are in one of the most beautiful gorges of the Almaty region, bearing the name of the mountain stream flowing there – in the Turgen gorge.

There are two different waterfalls here:

– Bear Waterfall

– Kairak waterfall (Buzgul)

They differ not only in their height, but also in their accessibility.

The waterfall Kairak (Buzgul), 55 m high, is not simple, from the starting point of the route to the waterfall the group will walk 8 km on a good dirt road, along a unique gorge. But the sight of the waterfall is worth it! And if you don’t have any obvious diseases or injuries, then you can pass this distance.

And the most popular and most pleasant waterfall is Bear. He is always glad to tourists! He will meet you with a merry noise of pure, transparent, spring waters. And after a 30-minute climb, along an uncomplicated trail, you will be able to enjoy the pleasant coolness of the water jets with pleasure.

And in the program of the route there are several sightseeing objects: the famous Saka burial mounds, dating back 1,000 BC, the relic moss-Turgen spruce forests growing on permafrost.

Visit trout farming, where you can taste truly “royal fish” – rainbow trout;

And as an additional service you can do rafting.