Assy Plateau

Assy Plateau

In the national park Ile-Alatau there is a beautiful corner of nature – the Turgen gorge. The distance is 90 km. from Almaty

The gorge goes into the depths of 44 km. Up to a huge plateau of Assy (2560 m.). In ancient times, there were caravans from Europe to the east – to China and India. The Turgen gorge is famous for waterfalls and relict Chin-Turgen moss spruce trees, growing on permafrost coniferous and mixed forests, alpine and subalpine meadows, lakes and springs, medicinal plants and berries. In a significant amount in the Turgen gorge there are dry-bush: Semenov’s maple, wild apricot, Mushketov’s mound. If in the Esik gorge spruce covers the slopes entirely from 1350-1400 m, then in the Turgen gorge the spruce belt begins at an altitude of 1650 m.

The plateau of Assi, known since ancient times as a summer pasture, originates from the Kishi-Turgen river. The plateau is located within the heights of 2800-3200 meters. Here, signs of a person more than 5000 years old, both nomadic and sedentary, have been found.

At the top of the plateau, an astrophysical observatory is built, with one of the world’s largest telescopes. High-altitude plateau goes to the east, along the river Assy, and thanks to its mountainous terrain has great sporting prospects in terms of creating a world-class ski resort.

And as an additional service you can do rafting.