Altyn-Emel National Park a two-day trip

Altyn National Park -Emel is a very interesting trip. During two days you can see various landscapes, steppes, deserts, and mountains.

The first day: an early departure from Almaty to the northeast. The road is along the Kapchagai lake, two passes – Arkharly and Altyn-Emel, Basshi Village and includes a short stop at the National Park Office.

We will also go to the mountains of Aktau and Kutytau, which are 80 km away from the main route. We can spend the night in tents at the thermal spring (tents, sleeping bags, and other camping equipment are included in the price) or in a guesthouse in the village of Basshi.

We spend the second day near Singing Dune (singing sand dune) which is located 50 km off-road. This is an amazing, unique place. A group of dunes and rocky mountains by the Ili river create a beautiful view.

When the wind blows during nice weather the Singing Dune emits very unusual sounds and vibrations resulting from the movement of sand.
In the evening of the second day, we return to the city of Almaty.